Cleaning a Clogged Drain with Natural Openers

Drain openers come in a variety of brands from a natural liquid to chemical crystals. There are also many homemade cleaning solutions that will open a drain without the use of chemicals of a plumber. Read the drain opener articles below to find the right cleaning solution for your drain.
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Cleaning a Drain with Useful and Beneficial Microbes
Beneficial microbes commonly found in soil and plants and other natural products can safely clean a drain without chemicals.

Homemade Drain Openers to Clear a Drain Blockage
Discover easy drain opener home remedies to help clear common drain blockages.

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Natural Drain Cleaner for Clogged Drains

The first thing you need to know before working on a clogged drain is that the drain cleaners you see advertised on TV or on the supermarket shelves are made of dangerous chemicals that will eat through rubber gloves, skin, certain kinds of pipe, wood and anything else they touch. If their fumes are inhaled, they can cause damage to the lungs, nose and mouth. If they are eaten, they will kill, even in small amounts. Even when they are used "properly", they can ruin septic systems, pollute groundwater, and destroy pipes.

For a more healthy and safe alternative, try a natural drain cleaner, such as Drainbo, that is made from natually occuring bacteria that will fix a clogged drain, but won't hurt your drain pipes or the environment.

Continue reading the next drains and plumbing article on Cleaning a Drain with Microbes.

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