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Do It Yourself Home Plumbing Repairs: Cleaning Your Drain

If you like to DIY (do it yourself) when it comes to plumbing home repair, you will find these drain cleaning solutions helpful and informative. There are several simple home repairs you can do yourself to cure a smelly garbage disposal drain, drain a washing machine of standing water, clear debris from outside drainage, and cleaning hard water from shower heads to pevent clogs.
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Snaking a Drain for Cleaning Blockages
Once you have tried home remedies on a clogged drain, you may discover that the obstruction remains in place.

Cleaning Bathroom Shower Heads to Prevent Clogs
Clogged showerheads usually occur when water leaves mineral deposits or tiny bits of sediment in the holes that control the water flow.

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal
It is possible to remove the smelly gunk from your disposal and to prevent it from recurring.

Draining a Washing Machine
It's one of life's little miseries that the only time your washing machine will break down is when it's inevitably filled with wet laundry.

Repair Suggestion for when the Garbage Disposal Smells
Most garbage disposals start to stink a little at some point in time and need some repair attention.

Sewer Drains and Cleaning Tree Roots
Trees are brilliant at finding water: their roots can travel a hundred feet to get to the nourishment they need.

When Your Old Water Pipes are Going Down the Drain
If you have on old house and having problems with water pressure, it may be more than a faulty shower head.

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Natural Drain Cleaner for Clogged Drains

The first thing you need to know before working on a clogged drain is that the drain cleaners you see advertised on TV or on the supermarket shelves are made of dangerous chemicals that will eat through rubber gloves, skin, certain kinds of pipe, wood and anything else they touch. If their fumes are inhaled, they can cause damage to the lungs, nose and mouth. If they are eaten, they will kill, even in small amounts. Even when they are used "properly", they can ruin septic systems, pollute groundwater, and destroy pipes.

For a more healthy and safe alternative, try a natural drain cleaner, such as Drainbo, that is made from natually occuring bacteria that will fix a clogged drain, but won't hurt your drain pipes or the environment.

Continue reading the next drains and plumbing article on Snaking a Drain.

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