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Water Drainage Systems: How to Install, Clean and Design Pipes and Plumbing

Proper plumbing design of water drainage systems can be essential to the maintenance of your home. Learn about installing a new drainage systems, maintaining your current ones and cleaning out the drains and pipes for these systems. Proper care and design of your drainage can cut down on costly repairs and problems.
Basic Drainage Systems Installation, Cleaning and Care
Understanding the Plumbing Behind Your Drain Pipes
Most people are scared to death of plumbing. Much of the time, drains and pipes are hidden in ductwork, under fixtures, buried in walls or running deeply into dark basements or septic tanks.

How to Install a French Drain
French drains may have gotten their names because originally, they were made without the use of any pipes or lines.

Sink Drains in the Kitchen and Bathroom
Most sinks are embedded in a countertop, either in the kitchen or the bathroom. But if you have a sink in a counter, you can look under the counter to see the most interesting part of the sink—the angled drain underneath it called the "trap".

Cleaning Your Drain of Bad Smells
There is a series of tactics to try when your sink is stinky or clogged.

Making the Most of Storm Water Drainage Systems or Yard Downspouts
If you're starting from scratch, as in a new home, you may need to gather information before planning your storm water drainage system.

Where to Run the Drainage
Instead of piping water to a low lying place and allowing it to drain away, you can pipe it into a large storage container.

Basics on Foundation Drains and Drainage Systems
If you're building a new house, one of the first things you can do to promote a well-drained foundation and a dry basement.

Waterproof Your House Foundation and Avoid Costly Repairs
Aside from diverting runoff, preventing basement flooding and other costly repairs, there is something else you can do to keep water out of the basement.

Dealing with Grease Traps and Household Grease Disposal  
If you've ever had a grease clog in your kitchen drain at home, you're probably amazed at the amount of fats dealt with by restaurants.

Using Household Grease as a Cooking Ingredient
Private households rarely have grease traps, but there are ways of keeping grease from clogging your lines and costing you money in repairs.

Kitchen Grease Fires
Meat grease can cause kitchen fires if it gets too hot. Whenever you are cooking fatty meats, you should pay attention to the possibilities of splashes, spills, burns and fire.

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Natural Drain Cleaner for Clogged Drains

The first thing you need to know before working on a clogged drain is that the drain cleaners you see advertised on TV or on the supermarket shelves are made of dangerous chemicals that will eat through rubber gloves, skin, certain kinds of pipe, wood and anything else they touch. If their fumes are inhaled, they can cause damage to the lungs, nose and mouth. If they are eaten, they will kill, even in small amounts. Even when they are used "properly", they can ruin septic systems, pollute groundwater, and destroy pipes.

For a more healthy and safe alternative, try a natural drain cleaner, such as Drainbo, that is made from natually occuring bacteria that will fix a clogged drain, but won't hurt your drain pipes or the environment.

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