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Acid Drain Cleaners May Not Clear Your Clogged Drain

Some particular liquid acids have been used to break up clogs because when they were poured into the drain, they generated heat, which liquefied grease and fats. This is an old solution to an age-old problem, and in fact never worked very well because, as the acid solution became diluted in its trip through the pipe, the heat would dissipate and the liquid greases would cool and again become solid.

This type of drain cleaner could actually worsen the problem by moving the clogs from inside the sink drain that would result in a deeper pipe clog. Once a clog has moved from the house drain into the pipe, you have to have a plumber use a snake or a rooter to open the pipe again using some sort of mechanical process.

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Natural Drain Cleaner for Clogged Drains

The first thing you need to know before working on a clogged drain is that the drain cleaners you see advertised on TV or on the supermarket shelves are made of dangerous chemicals that will eat through rubber gloves, skin, certain kinds of pipe, wood and anything else they touch. If their fumes are inhaled, they can cause damage to the lungs, nose and mouth. If they are eaten, they will kill, even in small amounts. Even when they are used "properly", they can ruin septic systems, pollute groundwater, and destroy pipes.

For a more healthy and safe alternative, try a natural drain cleaner, such as Drainbo, that is made from natually occuring bacteria that will fix a clogged drain, but won't hurt your drain pipes or the environment.

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